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Being Success & Productive While Working From Home (WFH)

Being Success & Productive While Working From Home (WFH)

Work From Home activities are carried out as a solution to prevent transmission from the Covid-19 outbreak, by keeping a distance while still doing business or work. This WFH activity is very helpful to provide economic, economic balance to employees and keep the business productive.

There are many risks and challenges when WFH is applied. This challenge is felt by most companies and also for their employees, even more so for startup companies. Some risks are experienced such as difficulty in communicating, companies that have difficulty monitoring employee performance and reduced productivity.

Finally, here tips and tricks for CEO that available to be applied for your company and the employees to keep productivity even working from home.



Clear procedure related to WFH


Before implement a WFH system for employees, make sure the procedures are clear to avoid misunderstandings. The contents of the procedures that need to be made like the daily work hours, how employees submit their tasks, update the latest information, meetings that will be conducted and so on. When the WFH procedure is clear, it will be a motivation for your employees, even they are not working in the office. You also not to be worried because each of your employees can be monitored properly.


Take advantage of the online meeting application


When you want to have a meeting or meeting, it will not be stopped or delayed because now there are applications and video call features that support the interests of work, one of which is for meetings. Although not face to face, but this is quite effective and can be done to carry out meetings properly.


Use a Cloud-based ERP application


This application will really help you and each of your employees who work far apart. This application facilitates all of your company’s operations and departments. Starting from finance, procurement, sales, customer management, to inventory and HR. Cloud-based ERP system allows you and every employee who is given access to share information in real time.


Implement employee job tracking systems


This system is implemented to facilitate the work of your employees. By using the tracking system appropriately and this system is available online for free or paid.


Find the most effective communication method


Many messaging applications that can now be used. Of all the messaging applications, you can choose one of them that is considered the most effective and suitable for your company, tailored to the functions and needs of your company.


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