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Can Covid-19 Really Last 2 Years?

Can Covid-19 Really Last 2 Years?

The economic in global way is currently being disrupted becaouse of Covid19 outbreak that impact for the whole world. This cause many change especially for global economic, because the stagnate world trade and it was stopped for a while. It was added with disrupted distribution logistic channels and Indonesia’s economy in a few years ahead.

This global pandemic may cause many business going down. Some of them are hospitality business, travel, cinemas, mall, entertainment, property, MICE (meeting, incentive, convention & exhibitasion), office rental and restaurant.

As long as the vaccine for Covid19 has not been discovered yet, there are some new business that actually being popular. Example, Zoom app and Ruangguru app being a promising business and now is used for whole community. In addition, there are also several business like e-commerce, remote working, logistic, online schooling, training online, Netflix, IndiHome (internet WiFi), wellness, medical equipments, and home entertainment. The basic of the businesses are flexible, you are not bound for place and of course you can do your work from home.

But, if your business might deteriorate, don’t worry. You can follow this tips step by step to survive in this Covid19 pandemic for now and so on:

  • Do not underestimate this pandemic is happening just for a while. Predicted by Bill Gates, Paul Romer, Yuval Harari and other scientist this pandemic will last one to two years.
  • The collapse business has to find a new business model or find the survival mode
  • Branding your business, do the soft selling not hard selling
  • A person or a business that be able to survive is not the bigger, stronger or rich person. But who is able to adapt in this hard situation
  • Face the reality and accept it
  • Focus to do the things that might be give you the profit
  • Upgrade yourself and start turning your offline selling to online selling from now
  • Help them who needs your help, caring and sharing each other


Everything is going to change, a new system is coming soon

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