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Is Your Website Safe?

Is Your Website Safe?

Internet is a large network that reaches the entire world. All information on the internet can be transferred from one location to another, this is commonly known by the abbreviation HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP itself is more vulnerable to attacks (hack). Therefore, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) appears. SSL is used to protect all personal information, both passwords, credit cards, and others during the protocol process of transferring data between servers to the website, and vice versa. When HTTP is protected by SSL, its name becomes HTTPS.



The following are data from the results of a survey of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association regarding internet security in 2017. 65.89% of internet users are aware of data that can be taken and another 83.98% are aware of fraud on the internet.


In 2018, Google has also indexed websites that only have server security. Thus, traffic and conversions will increase. With SSL, the website also has credibility from the visitors. Google also said based on their tests over the past few months, HTTPS signals showed “positive results” in terms of relevance.


What does SSL do?

SSL serves two functions, i.e. encryption and identification.

  • Encryption: By using SSL no one else can read personal information.
  • Identification: SSL provides its own identity on the website that use it.



The first image is a website without SSL, and by the time it will slowly becomes the second image, because Google search engine has blocked your website, this makes it very detrimental. Third picture shows that SSL has been installed and your website is secure and equipped with Google SEO.


How does it work?

Systematic SSL on the web server (company) and web browser (client). When the two websites exchange information, SSL works in the middle of the activity. Encryption (code) scrambles the data when an exchange occurs. As a result, hackers find it difficult and unable to read it. The result, the exchange of data occurs secure and personal data is not stolen.



Sertifikasi Server A+ (Keamanan Terbaik)


Types of SSL?

SSL is divided into 3 types :

  • Domain Validation SSL

SSL is the cheapest because of its validation via email only. Web host users are required to have the same email as the domain data at WHOIS.

  • Organization Validation SSL

This type of SSL is for organizational validation. For the OV process run smoothly, users prepare several legal documents of the business.

  • Extended Validation SSL

EV EV is the highest validation standard for a company. This SSL is the most premium because it has prestige value.


Overall, SSL makes the website quality and security better.


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