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The Function of Online Advertising Agency

The Function of Online Advertising Agency

With many users, the internet is replacing print media, television and radio in every way. Likewise, in advertising, if in the past we often saw advertisements on street billboards, newspapers, magazines, even electric poles, but now the old method has been abandoned. More business people advertise their products and services via the internet. In fact, more than 94% of companies in Indonesia use the internet 85% of them claim that with the internet, their business achieves more.



Based on research conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the Indonesian population is 265.4 million and its internet users are 132.7 million. It means, half of Indonesia’s population uses the internet.



In doing the process, online advertising agencies certainly have stages that need to be done.

  • Setting a goal: In this stage, we need to be specific WHO our target audience is, WHAT is the platform used by the target audience and value.



  • Preparing content: Content is King, an interesting and relevant content to the target audience will certainly be a magnet for our website.
  • Developing digital tools: As the name implies, online advertising agencies certainly take part in the digital sphere and the tools used must be precise.



  • Do a campaign: Through a campaign, can increase the growth of your company. People will glance at your business. Campaigns are also one way to promote business.






For the continuity of the business, we need to be careful in choosing an advertising agency partner for the business.


  • Determine what services you need
  • Determine the advertising budget
  • Look for an agency that has the same standards and sizes as your business. If your business is still small, it’s better to use a smaller agency that suits your abilities.
  • Observe the agency, see the people who work in it.


The quality of an agency certainly impacts the quality of your business. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing. Not a few agencies that use the wrong technique. Of course, the wrong strategy can have fatal consequences for the survival of your business. By choosing the right one, the budget will not be wasted.

For those of you who are just starting a business and want to try advertising in the digital world, do not waste your time. Also don’t take risks that can have fatal consequences for your business. If you are concerned with quality, Levelon is certainly the right choice. With google certification, we take you to the next level.

          “Facts are irrelevant. What matters is what the consumer believes.” – Seth Godin



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