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Re-Inventing Business for Digital Age

Re-Inventing Business for Digital Age

Re-Inventing Business for Digital Age

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all faced with a new normal life. Likewise in economic matters, we as businessmen must find new ways of marketing to sell products. So, what should we do?


“Levelon Digital launched a book entitled Crack The Code and Blueprints Sales 4.0 which can answer your questions.”


In Crack The Code, the marketing style in this new normal must be online marketing. Because we can use some websites or social media agency Jakarta, do online advertising, and can recycle the company’s marketing methods to retarget the target market.

Businessman must also listen to and research what the target market wants and needs.

Online Marketing

To make advertisements that get the attention of consumers is not just have a good things. However advertising is entirely service based. Ads content that offers the desired information, and the benefits that users get.


Another way of marketing in this new normal era is by using mail order advertising. Because there is no wasted space, everything can be taken advantage of, there is no negotiation, and there is no useless talk. Add attractive images in mail order ads.


Then how should a businessman influence and persuade clients? In the Blueprints Sales 4.0 book, it describes several ways that can be done, such as:


  • Create or use a popular appeal that already exists in the community. The level of popularity of a brand can influence choices in buying online.
  • Make something exclusive from the brand. Because the exclusivity of a brand can make an unlimited appeal. Also provide an atmosphere of exclusivity to products, services and sites.
  • Demonstrate brand advantages such as quality, capability, convenience, product availability, and product value.
  • Use storytelling and truthtelling techniques to your clients. Because there is no better marketing technique than being honest with clients.
  • Increase the volume of your offer frequently on the site. Keep in touch with clients so that when they decide to buy your product, they already have knowledge about the product.
  • Be a surveyor. The results of sales marketing can be seen from surveys to clients, clients who leave your website, to people who become surfing surveys.


For other marketing methods, you can download these two e-books at the following link:




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