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What is Call to Value?

What is Call to Value?

In the world of increasingly intense business competition, it’s important for companies to grab the attention of potential customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. One effective way to achieve this is through the use of Call to Value.


Call to Value is an approach in marketing that focuses on communicating the core values of the product or service to the audience. The goal is to illustrate how the product or service can fulfill the needs, wants, or problems faced by potential customers and has a higher value compared to competitors. For example, rather than simply emphasizing the technical features of the product, a “Call to Value” strategy would highlight the tangible benefits provided to the customer. This approach helps form a more emotional connection between the customer and the brand, as they can associate the values that are important to them with the product or service being offered.


Benefits of Call to Value

  • Increases the differentiation factor: In a competitive market, customers are often faced with many choices. A strong Call to Value can help differentiate your product or service from similar competitors. By highlighting the unique benefits and value offered, there is a good chance that customers will be more likely to choose your product or service.
  • Communicates clear value: An effective Call to Value helps customers clearly understand the benefits and value they get by choosing your product or service. This can reduce any doubts and confusion they may experience in the decision-making process.
  • Drives purchase decisions: By persuasively conveying the benefits and value of the product through a Call to Value, customers will feel motivated to take action and make a purchase. Calls to Value that evoke emotions and desires can accelerate customer purchase decisions.
  • Strengthens the brand: Call to Value integrated with a strong brand identity can help build a positive impression and strengthen your brand’s point of view in the eyes of customers. If you deliver consistent and relevant messages, you can create experiences that build customer loyalty and help strengthen your brand image.


There are some important points to note about the “Call to Value”

  • Solution Focus: “Call to Value” emphasizes how the product or service can be a solution to a problem or need faced by the customer. This helps to illustrate the positive impact that the customer can have.
  • Emotions and Benefits: This approach highlights the emotional and functional benefits of the product or service, which can create a stronger connection with the audience. It allows customers to feel that the product provides real value in their lives.
  • Customer Success Stories: Using real customer success stories is one effective way to implement a “Call to Value” strategy. Showing how the product has helped other customers can provide tangible proof of the value offered.
  • Differentiating from the Competition: “Call to Value” helps brands differentiate themselves from competitors by highlighting the unique and special values of the product or service.
  • Long Term Communication: This approach also focuses on building long-term relationships with customers, not just on one-time transactions.

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