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Speed Up The Website

Speed Up the Website

Speed Up The Website

Accessing a slow website will make the visitors stop visiting your website which will affect the traffic of your website and SEO (search engine optimization) as well.


factors causing a slow website


There are many factors causing a slow website, such as, hosting, scripts website too heavy, php version, and no cache system on the website. In this article we will discuss about improving the speed of your website.


Here are some ways to speed up the website :



Web server has big impact on the speed performance of the website, that’s why using trusted and fast web hosting or at least a cloud hosting with SSD for data storage and the right server location it surely will help. For example, the target of your website is Indonesia then use the server location from Indonesia. Or the target of the website is other country such as Singapore / USA / EU use the same location as the target website will automatically minimize the loading time when visitor open the website.



Cache has effect on the loading performance, especially when the website opened several times by visitors. The next visit to a website that has caching system, the site will load faster, because it already stored in a cache.



The next thing you can do is to upgrade and replace the php version to the latest version, which is 7.2. Check and update your php version to the latest version that matches the c-panel php settings on your web hosting.



Use website scripts or plug in your website as needed. Don’t use too many plug ins because it will slow down the loading time of the website when you open it. And for those of you who use a special theme, optimize the theme and use a lightweight theme.


5. CDN

CDN is content delivery network, this service will load your website 5 times faster. Because the system from CDN is to keep some of the data and will distributed the file across a network of global server.
If a user opens your website, CDN will first transfer the data to be loaded, thus significantly reducing the loading time of your website. There are various kinds of CDN (content delivery network) services, one of which you can try free is CloudFlare.



The last way if your website does not show signs of improvement after doing the five steps above that means you need a hosting upgrade, it’s different from choosing a hosting service. Upgrading hosting means that you upgrade the type of hosting package before with a higher one, of course this will cost you more, because hosting a class of VPS or Dedicated Server is still quite high in price. But usually the five ways above are enough to make your website faster while accessed.

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