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What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?


You must have seen or known a brand or product doing promotion / campaign in the online world. Also have you ever seen a company that has a website and social media, right? It can be called Digital Marketing. Besides those things, what are they doing? And who are the actors behind the digital campaign?


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a business or a conceptual step to market a brand or product through the online or internet world. The aim is nothing but to reach consumers and potential customers quickly, on time and cost-effectively. An easy understanding of digital marketing is how to promote certain products / brands through digital internet media. In general, through internet advertisements such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs and other social media with the website as the main goal. So, the role of this website is the central to explain what your product is, and your company / business identity.



Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Agency in short is a business field with specialized experts engaged in services in helping to promote certain brands / products.




What is the connection between digital marketing and digital agency or digital agency Jakarta? In short, digital marketing is an object of the task, while digital agency is the tool or the engine. Along with the development of the IT world now, the growth of digital agencies that have a special mission to help promote brands / products from certain companies.


Digital agency will always improve / develop client websites, create website designs and the latest products, of course, also update marketing content from clients. All these things will be promoted to all client’s social media, so the digital marketing will run well and smoothly.

So, it is very important for a company’s digital marketing / brand products to promote their products quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively compared to traditional marketing personnel. Because in the online world everyone gathers there and ready to become our customer. And to run digital marketing that is good and according to your goals you need expert, reliable, and professional digital agency and digital agency Jakarta.



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