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Social Media And Present Time

Social Media And Present Time

Nowadays, social media is like oxygen for its users. Without knowing time, social media seems to flow in the current of globalization.

As reported by Kompas.com, according to research conducted by We Are Social, the average Indonesian spends 3 hours 23 minutes a day to access social media. Globally, total internet users exceed four billion users. For social media users, up 13 percent of year-on-year users reached 3, 196 billion.

So, it’s no wonder that in this era, social media contributes to our daily activities. Many changes have happened, one of the most striking change is the transaction activity that has now led to online. With so many social media users every year making online business so promising. Promotions that are carried out no longer use print media, even for some products that already famous also promoting their products on social media.


Why Social Media?



Based on a survey by APJII in 2017, as many as 87.13% million people accessed social media, 32.19% bought goods via the internet and 8.12% sold goods on the internet.

Through the results of the above research, we can conclude that advertising on social media is a huge opportunity for business growth.

  • Promotion through conventional media requires high-level skills and superior marketing. Whereas with social media, anyone can do it, only need a smartphone and internet connection. Simple, right?
  • Through social media, there are many opportunities to interact with customers and build a relationship. Communication becomes two way, more effective and a fast response. Like endorsement, giveaway, campaign as well.
  • With an easy tracking system, a message can be tracked, and the security is guaranteed.
  • Advertising and posting on social media are the key to increasing traffic to our website. Sharing blog content on social media will attract several readers.


Focus, Research, Measure


There are three main tactics that are important in starting a business on social media :

  • Determine the target audience using analytics tools such as Market and Salesforce
  • We need to examine who our target audience is based on location, preferences, gender and other information such as what they like on social media.
  • Get to know our target audience by determine the right social media, using the right language and content and using the right method for advertising your business.


Survive & Develop on social media


In using social media as a business, there are several things that need attention.

  • Language: need to adjust our words and body language. To do that, we need to get to know our target audience.
  • Content: a content must represent our style, build interaction and be consistent. A content can present our presence in the eyes of the audience.
  • Timing: In one day only need to post 1-2 content, do it at different hours.Also do call to action. This method is usually used so that the audience participates in every activity such as posting photos or stories that are relevant to the content. We can also guide them to the website when there is a sale.



We can also increase sales by endorsing. By working with influencers such as bloggers, actresses or anyone who gives a big influence on social media. With endorsement, our products / services have credibility in the eyes of the target audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to start a business on social media? Don’t know the right platform? Don’t know where to start? Contact us, the right solution to overcome your problems.


“don’t use social media solely as a place to sell your product/yourself. Use it to tell your story, connect with your audience, and portray a feeling”


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