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The Importance Of Domain Names

The Importance Of Domain Names

The first time you build a website, maybe the first thing you think about is the design, or maybe the logo, and so on. But there is a crucial and most important thing when you are first going to build a website is a domain name, yes, a domain name!


Domain name



Domain Names, Gateway to a Website Accessibility

This domain name is generally known as the identity of a website or a unit on the website, or there can be referred to as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). For example, the URL ‘levelondigital.com’ is an identity or a series of names / addresses of a site that later where people will type it in their browsers and can access your site and content.


Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In addition to making internet users find and access your website, a domain name is to help you optimize search engines. Because a domain name can represent the characteristics of a website that you have, it can help search engine robots to see topics and content then determine the characteristics of your website and display it on the front page of the search engine.


Characteristics of Professionalism

A website / site that has the right and good domain name will look more professional and certainly has the characteristics of the website as well. This is very important in building a positive image and branding in the online world.


Imagine if you already have a product, business venture, company or even your own name, when you are going to build a website domain name that you want is already owned by someone else, it is unfortunate isn’t it?

Either it’s important or not a domain name on the website that has been described above depends on our response, some appropriate domain names will represent personal or business on a website. The right domain name is like an asset for the future, for example you are not in a hurry to build a website, but at least you already have an ideal domain name.



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