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Digital Agency VS Web Builder

Digital Agency VS Web Builder

Building a website is a common thing nowadays, because website has become the needs of everything. For example, business, marketing, products, online stores, and companies, communities, and others. If we talk about websites, there are many ways to develop a website, such as a service by Indonesian digital agency. But lately a lot of instant web builders have appeared that offer various kinds of conveniences, is that true? Let’s learn more about the differences between a web builder and a digital agency.


Web Builder VS Digital Agency


There’s no doubt that quality has its price, and to make your dream website come true we must spend a little bit more. As it said earlier, there is a lot “web builder” that offer an instant way. While digital agency is an agency that specifically handles everything in the digital world including websites. It has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the goal of the website itself. The following is an explanation about advantages and disadvantages of web builder or digital agency.




Web builder is a static website creation tool, it means, the design only in the display, no flexibility on the features, and no adequate admin backend dashboard. There also no support system and instruction in the design of the website according to what you want and includes monthly subscription fee as well.


Basically, a website, divided between static and dynamic. If you decide to make a website with a web builder, it means you have chosen to create a static website. Which is, the website and the features will be less dynamic and limited admin backend, and the purpose is not for a long-term website development. Also lack of additional features such as SEO features, and other custom features. This is a little difficult for those of you who will create a website independently by using a web builder.




Another case if you decide to create a website using the services of a professional digital agency, you will definitely get more results from web builders. In terms of design, features, and others will match what you expect. By using a digital agency services, you will get a complete package from a dynamic and flexible website, and of course there is real and clear support that is not available when you use a web builder because there are expert staff in the digital agency. Also in the digital agency there are SEO services (search engine optimization), digital marketing, and other services that will be very helpful for the future development of your business for long-term investment in websites.


But if you have decided to use a digital agency in building websites, you must be prepared in terms of enough funds. Because a website is not just enough to be a website, there must be maintenance, SEO, and Digital Marketing to increase traffic to your website, what’s the point of a website without a visit, right?




The conclusion obtained from the above explanation, if we use a web builder or digital agency from the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:





  •  Website workmanship is fast
  • Practical in the manufacturing process
  • Easy management



  • No special admin dashboard in static website result
  • Limited features to customize (payment gateway, SEO, etc.)
  • Lack of direct support assistance
  • Not for a long term websites
  • Working alone there are no directions




Advantages :


  • The website results are dynamic and there is an admin / multi user dashboard
  • Custom features on request (lots features)
  • Real support
  • Suitable for a long-term websites
  • The existence of experts who are ready to direct you
  • There are other services such as SEO, Digital marketing, etc.


Disadvantages :

  • Cost you more than a web builder

So that’s a discussion about the difference between web builders and digital agencies, of course both digital agencies and web builders have their advantages and disadvantages, if you want an instant web choose web builder, but if you want a long-term web for your business development then choose Indonesian digital agency.




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