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The Basic Method Of Digital Agency

The Basic Method Of Digital Agency

“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”
― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


In today’s digital era, our activities fully changed. One concrete example is in the world of business. Through the internet, selling becomes much more effective. But, does digital marketing have the same method as business methods in general?

A foundation is necessary, just like building a house. Likewise, a digital marketing, the foundation is a website for marketing products. Also, a website needs traffic. Traffic is visitors who come to the website. If there is no traffic, of course our website is as same as a shop that is empty of visitors. But don’t worry, we have powerful ways to make the “shop” become a lot of visitors.


SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Optimization is a technique for optimizing websites in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) so that the website can be indexed on the first page of the search engine. Search Engine Marketing is divided into two, the search network is as same as SEO, the differences is SEM gets instant traffic and requires a daily budget for ads to run on the first page while SEO does not require advertising costs for websites to appear but requires a longer time than SEM. All who have Ad are SEM. Display Network is SEM ads that appear on other websites that work with Google, can be in the form of a banner image or video. Used to increase brand awareness



Search Network & Display Network


Marketing’s Email

Marketing’s email is used to share the latest company’s information, it can be promotions / new products / articles / and much more. Marketing email is used to maintain interaction between the company and its audience.



Social Sharing

By advertising a website on social media to get social signals in search engines. There will be an opportunity for increasing the traffic.


Content Marketing

There is a saying that content is a king website. With interesting content, readers will be loyal to our website. The language in a content must be adjusted to the target audience. Example: a website about law, by sharing legal advice, the audience will return to the website to learn about the law.



Sharing articles on forums like reddit can help us find the right readers.


It is surely difficult to have digital marketing that moves forward and rapidly if the performance of the website does not support. Therefore, a foundation must be formed so that the next step can be carried out according to the strategy that is planned. The strategy of digital marketing and advertising itself is not something that is easy to do. Entrust digital marketing strategy to the experts.


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